Electronic Bunker Jump

Concert series

"Electronic Bunker Jump" was a series of electronic music concerts I curated. The first concert was in 2013 and the last one in 2015

In October 2013, DIEM (Danish Institute for Electronic Music) opened up for concerts in a dome-shaped twin bunker located at Aarhus Lawn Tennis Society, as a part of the project “KULTUR BUNKER” by “Skjulte Steder”.

20 artists from DIEM, performed concerts during the week on the special stage with a wide range of electronic music. Among other things one could experience: music played on home-built electronic instruments, a duo between controlled feedback and Chinese guqin String-instrument, music performed in/on/with a special “sound-suit” – and much more.

The bunker only provided space for 30 people at a time, so you’d had to meet up in time – as it was an unique opportunity to experience these special intimate concerts.