Thor's Symphony

Generative video installation/Public Art

In August 2013 I visited Miami to set up a public art installation at the Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Headquarters. The artist couple Living Lenses are the people behind, and I created the software for the installation.

It uses realtime data from lightning strikes to create abstract colorful visuals


"Thors Symphony, installed on the facade of the Fire Rescue Headquarters and Training Center, Miami, Florida, August 2013.This artwork is inspired by the fact that Florida is the Lightning Capital of the US, and the belief that the very first fires that human experienced must have been sparked from lightning strikes.

We transformed the building facade into a dynamic interactive panoramic display of lights. Our design mixed clips of the actual rescue training video and the dynamic mapping of the annual global lightnings to form an on-going abstract color pattern mutations. A lightning detector is also installed to add subliminal flashes of lightning across the building facade whenever real-time local lightning happens, within a 600 miles diameter."