Category: Design

  • Climate Change Smart Speakers

    Climate Change Smart Speakers

    AI Smart devices Acrylic, Aluminium, Copper, 3D-print, Corc, Oak, Beech, Speakers, Electronics and custom software AI in smart devices is having a huge impact on the world’s energy consumption, which again is having a huge negative impact on climate change.How does AI feel about its role and pervasive influence on climate change?Is it possible for…

  • Ø


    Interactive Sound- and light sculpture Stainless Steel, Polycarbonate, Speakers, Sensors, Custom software and hardware “Ø” is an immersive audiovisual art installation that invites viewers to engage with a series of steel sculptures, resembling spheres, emitting both sound and light. This artwork explores our relationship with technology and its effects on our lives. As viewers approach,…

  • MoSS


    Modular Smart Speaker 3d printed case, Raspberry Pi, Custom software and hardware MoSS is a project I developed in my position as a research assistant at the IT University in Copenhagen, for the project called “Vocal Imaginaries“. MoSS was conceived with several objectives in mind. Firstly, MoSS was created as an exploratory tool for the…

  • Fading digits

    Fading digits

    digital wall clock Bamboo/Plywood, 3D-printed digits, Custom electronics A digital wall clock with slowly fading digits “Fading Digits” is an aesthetic piece that reimagines the conventional wall clock with a display of time with slowly fading digits and slowly changing color. This digital clock serves not only as a functional and practical device, but also…

  • Geographica


    Interactive, “hidden” sound installation

  • Miso Cornflakes

    Miso Cornflakes

    Granular Sampler Eurorack synthesizer module. Granular sampler In the realm of modular synthesizers, there’s a constant quest for innovation and pushing the boundaries of sonic possibilities. My journey as a eurorack developer began with my fascination for granular synthesis, a fascination that had been brewing for many years. I had spent countless hours exploring this…

  • Rain Machine

    Rain Machine

    Sound installation and Instrument Modified irrigation system, Solenoid valves, Aluminium tubes, Custom electronics and software The Rain Machine consists of a system of up to 64 electronically controlled water valves that individually outputs drops of water with high precision.  It was constructed as a part of ‘COVER’ a choreographed sound installation in three parts by…