Category: Installation

  • Ø


    Interactive Sound- and light sculpture Stainless Steel, Polycarbonate, Speakers, Sensors, Custom software and hardware “Ø” is an immersive audiovisual art installation that invites viewers to engage with a series of steel sculptures, resembling spheres, emitting both sound and light. This artwork explores our relationship with technology and its effects on our lives. As viewers approach,…

  • Under Overfladen

    Under Overfladen

    Sound Sculpture*Sketch Stainless steel, Hydrophones, Speaker, Electronics My idea “Under Overfladen” was selected for the sketch competition and exhibition “Vision I – On water” an initiative by the cultural committee of the municipality of Sønderborg, DK. I was furthermore awarded a cash price for my contribution (however, there are currently no plans for a realisation…

  • Loop


    Sound and Light Sculpture Steel, Acrylic, Speakers, LED lighting, Custom electronics Loop is a dynamic light and sound installation, consisting of 32 pillars arranged in a circle, which can be experienced at a distance and all the way up close. The interplay between light and sound forms a synthesis, which also interacts with the surroundings.…

  • Geographica


    Interactive, “hidden” sound installation

  • Figure 8

    Figure 8

    “Invisible” sound sculpture. Kunsthalle Mainz 2019

  • Land


    Modular sound system and instrument Custom multichannel speaker system, Speaker stands, Custom electronics and software “Land” is an electronic instrument and a travelling concert-installation. It consist of multiple speakers connected in a modular network, powered by multiple computer nodes and controlled via a main terminal. The modules contain various synthesis elements as well as sampling…

  • Organ of The Sun

    Organ of The Sun

    Sound sculpture Acrylic tubes, Voices, Solar panels, Custom electronics “Organ of the sun – Voice of Herredsvang” was a site-specific musical work exhibited at “Marienlyst Park Festival” in the municipality of Aarhus in 2018. The work, at one time, was a sound sculpture and an instrument. The Sculpture was solar powered and the music was based…

  • Rain Machine

    Rain Machine

    Sound installation and Instrument Modified irrigation system, Solenoid valves, Aluminium tubes, Custom electronics and software The Rain Machine consists of a system of up to 64 electronically controlled water valves that individually outputs drops of water with high precision.  It was constructed as a part of ‘COVER’ a choreographed sound installation in three parts by…

  • Gravitational Vibrations

    Gravitational Vibrations

    Sound Sculpture Piano wire, Chalk boulders, Galvanised Clamps, Iron pipes, Plywood, Custom electronics and software Gravitational Vibrations is a sound sculpture, made for the exhibition “The Overheard”. It was situated in an underground pond inside the old chalk-mine Mønsted Kalkgruber. Listen to a recording of the sculpture here: The sculpture consists of a 6m tall…

  • Electronic Bunker Jump

    Electronic Bunker Jump

    Concert series Acrylic tubes, Voices, Solar panels, Custom electronics “Electronic Bunker Jump” was a series of electronic music concerts I curated in cooperation with DIEM and the organisation “Skjulte Steder” (Hidden Places). The first concert was in 2013 and the last one in 2015 In October 2013, DIEM (Danish Institute for Electronic Music) opened up for…