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  • Climate Change Smart Speakers

    Climate Change Smart Speakers

    AI Smart devices Acrylic, Aluminium, Copper, 3D-print, Corc, Oak, Beech, Speakers, Electronics and custom software AI in smart devices is having a huge impact on the world’s energy consumption, which again is having a huge negative impact on climate change.How does AI feel about its role and pervasive influence on climate change?Is it possible for…

  • Ø


    Interactive Sound- and light sculpture Stainless Steel, Polycarbonate, Speakers, Sensors, Custom software and hardware “Ø” is an immersive audiovisual art installation that invites viewers to engage with a series of steel sculptures, resembling spheres, emitting both sound and light. This artwork explores our relationship with technology and its effects on our lives. As viewers approach,…

  • MoSS


    Modular Smart Speaker 3d printed case, Raspberry Pi, Custom software and hardware MoSS is a project I developed in my position as a research assistant at the IT University in Copenhagen, for the project called “Vocal Imaginaries“. MoSS was conceived with several objectives in mind. Firstly, MoSS was created as an exploratory tool for the…

  • Under Overfladen

    Under Overfladen

    Sound Sculpture*Sketch Stainless steel, Hydrophones, Speaker, Electronics My idea “Under Overfladen” was selected for the sketch competition and exhibition “Vision I – On water” an initiative by the cultural committee of the municipality of Sønderborg, DK. I was furthermore awarded a cash price for my contribution (however, there are currently no plans for a realisation…

  • Loop


    Sound and Light Sculpture Steel, Acrylic, Speakers, LED lighting, Custom electronics Loop is a dynamic light and sound installation, consisting of 32 pillars arranged in a circle, which can be experienced at a distance and all the way up close. The interplay between light and sound forms a synthesis, which also interacts with the surroundings.…

  • Geographica


    Interactive, “hidden” sound installation

  • Miso Cornflakes

    Miso Cornflakes

    Granular Sampler Eurorack synthesizer module. Granular sampler In the realm of modular synthesizers, there’s a constant quest for innovation and pushing the boundaries of sonic possibilities. My journey as a eurorack developer began with my fascination for granular synthesis, a fascination that had been brewing for many years. I had spent countless hours exploring this…

  • Place


    Concert Symfoni Orchestra, Electronics, 3D Stereoscopic Visuals, Multichannel Speakers “Place” is an immerse work for symphonic orchestra, 3D-stereoscopic visuals and multichannel electronic sounds. It was composed for- and performed by South Jutland Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Søren Kinch Hansen with live electronics and visuals by Søren Lyngsø Knudsen at Define Festival in Sønderborg in November…

  • Open Your Heart

    Open Your Heart

    Music for performance I composed the music for the dance performances “OPEN YOUR HEART”. OPEN YOUR HEART is a disco dance performance created for Norwegian dancer Hilde I. Sandvold, that researches and questions the core of dancing. The performance looks into different situations and how they support or prevents us in the act of dancing.…

  • BSD+B


    Compositions and releases Extended Big-Band and electronics Blood Sweat Drum + Bass is a 26 piece extended big band featuring Danish musicians and composers. The orchestra plays with an overwhelming energy and a unique mix of styles expanding the big band concept and crossing musical borders still reaching new audiences. After having worked with the…