Category: Visual

  • Digital Clock

    Digital Clock

    digital wall clock Bamboo/Plywood, 3D-printed digits, Custom electronics Work in process… A wall clock that tells the time in large color changing and fading digits. Connects to your wifi and sets the time automatically.

  • Loop


    Sound and Light Sculpture Steel, Acrylic, Speakers, LED lighting, Custom electronics Loop is a dynamic light and sound installation, consisting of 32 pillars arranged in a circle, which can be experienced at a distance and all the way up close. The interplay between light and sound forms a synthesis, which also interacts with the surroundings.…

  • Place


    Concert Symfoni Orchestra, Electronics, 3D Stereoscopic Visuals, Multichannel Speakers “Place” is an immerse work for symphonic orchestra, 3D-stereoscopic visuals and multichannel electronic sounds. It was composed for- and performed by South Jutland Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Søren Kinch Hansen with live electronics and visuals by Søren Lyngsø Knudsen at Define Festival in Sønderborg in November…

  • Tri Wave 1+2

    Tri Wave 1+2

    Digital Prints Custom software, 350g Silk paper50×70 cm (B2) A series of prints generated with custom software and sound. The shapes and forms of the images are formed by musical waveforms. 2020

  • Rain Machine

    Rain Machine

    Sound installation and Instrument Modified irrigation system, Solenoid valves, Aluminium tubes, Custom electronics and software The Rain Machine consists of a system of up to 64 electronically controlled water valves that individually outputs drops of water with high precision.  It was constructed as a part of ‘COVER’ a choreographed sound installation in three parts by…